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Meet the Sisters of Thunder

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    Kathy Baldock

    Kathy Baldock is the Executive Director of Canyonwalker Connections, founded in 2011, to bridge the gap of understanding and communication between LGBT people and their families, as well as their civic and religious communities.

    Baldock is the author of Walking the Bridgeless Canyon: Repairing the Breach Between the Church and the LGBT Community and blogs at canyonwalkerconnections.com. As one of the prominent female voices for inclusion of the LGBT community in conservative churches, she speaks for equality and inclusion in churches and at national conferences. Baldock lives in Reno, Nevada.


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    Yvette Cantu Schneider

    Yvette Cantu Schneider is the National Director for Policy and Advocacy for Canyonwalker Connections. Schneider was a former policy analyst and speaker for the Family Research Council, and was the head of Women’s Ministry at Exodus International. Because she was a former insider, Yvette brings excellent insights on current events to the presentations, webinars and podcasts.
    Schneider is married, the mother of two children and lives in Reno, Nevada.