Canyonwalker Connections 6 part Webinar Series entitled: "The History of Cultural and Religious Discrimination against the LGBT Community in America"

Canyonwalker Connections developed an several online seminar series to help train and educate. The new curriculum will be offered in repeated six-week sessions throughout the year.

You may want to read Walking the Bridgeless Canyon for further information, resources and footnotes.

The series is hosted by Kathy Baldock, with Yvette Schneider, former policy analyst for Family Research Council, and head of Women’s Ministries at Exodus International.

Every session includes teaching and answering your online questions.

Weekly segment topics:

Week 1. Same-sex behavior and homosexuality in history and in the culture
Week 2. Religion and Politics - SLIDES for Podcast CLICK HERE
Week 3. Science - SLIDES for Podcast CLICK HERE
Week 4. Same-sex behavior in the Bible - SLIDES for Podcast CLICK HERE
Week 5. LGBT Christians and their allies - SLIDES for Podcast CLICK HERE
Week 6. How best to become an ally or help create safe places for those coming out - SLIDES for Podcast CLICK HERE

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